Make Mine Freedom

This was forecast 62 years ago.  The cartoon was produced in 1948.

Obama and Freedom of Religion and What is at Stake

Last week President Barack Obama made an error in injecting himself between a religious organization, their teachings and beliefs, and how they provide health benefits to their employees.  Making the Federal Government’s mandates more powerful than that of God’s.

Obama stepped back from that decision and split the baby (no pun intended) by forcing Continue reading

Newt as the Chameleon and Environmental Hypocrisy

Please understand that I will vote for, work for, write for, campaign for, and fully support WHOMEVER runs against Barack Obama on the GOP ticket.  A third party is the party that ensures an Obama victory.  Please do not comment about my integrity.  I believe in winning, getting a foothold, and slowly moving this country in the right direction.  Therefore, I will be voting for NOTOBAMA.  I know in my heart that there will never be a President as conservative as I am. I know that I am not the middle of the country that a person must win to gain the Office of the President.  I support a strong local and state government, one that can eventually turn to the Federal Government and say, “Read the 10th Amendment and Take a Hike !”  

A friend of mine sent me a link to a video, and I feel that it is important enough to forward on.  But not before I add my two cents ( I doubt that this surprises many of you).

First let me say that this is about an hour long.  Certainly longer than a sound bite or a cute video of a cat doing cute cat stuff, but not as long as Gone With the Wind.  I suggest you watch the cat video because it is good to smile and I suggest that you watch Gone With the Wind because it is a monumental cinematic event.

But I DEMAND that you watch this.

If you don’t have 60 minutes, fine, watch 10 minutes a night.  Just slide that little button along at the bottom to get to the place where you left off.

Why do I want you to watch it?  Continue reading

Major New Weapon in the Fight Against the UN

By Tom DeWesse, President, American Policy Center

Those who are working to enforce Agenda21 operate from a three-pronged attack:

  • Social Justice  –  which dictates that community needs take precedent over individual wants.
  • Public/Private Partnerships    a dangerous melding of private corporations with government resulting in government-sanctioned monopolies
  • Environmental Control   which translates into the proposition that all actions by man lead to environmental Armageddon and therefore must be tightly regulated by a central force of power.

One major target in the crosshairs of this attack is private property ownership and control by individuals.  . . . for more information here is the full article . . .