Stealing Candy from a Baby

What does it mean when you find yourself saying, “Now I’ve seen it all,” everyday?  It means that Barack Obama is still in the White House.

I thought I had seen everything from Obama and his sideshow Carney (the new Baghdad Bob) until I heard how Barack Obama wants you to send him your wedding gifts, your birthday gifts, your Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts.  Baby’s First Birthday?  Who needs all those outfits he or she will out grown anyway.  For our Hispanic voting block your daughter’s quinceanera is more meaningful if Obama rakes in all the dinero y regalos.  This man has chutzpah coming out of his over-sized ears. Continue reading

“Burn in Hell” for singing “God Bless the USA”

I saw this video at WND  with article by Joe Kovacs and just had to add my two cents.

If I didn’t see the video below I wouldn’t have believed it.  Now singing “God Bless the USA”, by Lee Greenwood, is considered by some so horrible, so offensive that they stand by the side and scream “Burn in Hell” to school children.

If these “adults” are members of your political leaning all I can say is,

– Thank you for allowing America to see what your vision of patriotism; discipline; civility; respect; diversity; and freedom of speech; is really all about.  Thank you for showing your true selves. Continue reading

Unregistered Bake Sale Video

Thanks to Johnny Sweeny for his excellent reporting, camera work, and editing.

Thanks to all that supported the bake sale, and mostly to our youngest patriot entrepreneurs who made the operation work.  They raised $165 for the Treasure Coast Food Bank.


Thanks to all for a successful evening!

When I saw the bounty of goodies donated to our “Bake Sale and Lemonade Stand”, I was overwhelmed at the generosity of folks I didn’t know. And when I saw how little was left, I was even more grateful. The kids at the tables collected $165.50 for the Treasure Coast Food Bank. We’ll make sure we take a picture of them presenting the money and send a write-up to the paper.

A special thanks to Congressman Allen West whose remarks were honest and enlightening. The time he takes to answer so many questions, shake hands and pose for photos is heartwarming.

Thanks to all who made this evening possible and so successful with their attendance. We hope to see you again soon at a meeting of the St. Lucie County 9/12 Tea Party.