The signers of the Declaration of Independence!

Palm Island in the Savannas Recreation Area on Midway Road was the perfect place for our 4th of July picnic. If you weren’t there, we want you to know that you missed a truly touching event. Reading the profound words of our Declaration of Independence from King George III literally brought tears to my eyes. As Roland and Mike read the list of grievances against the king it was obvious that several of them are exactly the same today – against our own president. We all signed the blank bottom of our large copy, even the little children who could only print their first names! This Declaration of Independence will be on display at all of our meetings for everyone who wants to sign it.

As for the picnic itself, there was more than enough food to feed the 40 who came for fellowship and fun with like-minded folks. The kids brought their fishing poles and even caught some fish as the small alligator watched from across the water of the canal. We had a large pavilion with a kitchen and restrooms, and a splendid breeze blew all afternoon. We’ll do it again!