Restoring Love Comments from Terry Shelton

Terry attended FreePac and Restoring Love in Dallas last month. She has generously donated two commemorative tee shirts and several pins to the group. One set will be raffled off at the meeting at Norris’ Restaurant in PSL on Tuesday, August 28th, 6:30. Come at 5:30 to enjoy a meal and camaraderie of fellow members. Bring your friends, too!

At our last meeting on August 9th, Terry shared her experiences and a photo slide show. She and her daughter volunteered, and were part of a group which took food to homeless people. Volunteers were not allowed to wear the bright neon-colored vests that other groups wore because they didn’t want to stand out or frighten away the homeless.

9/12 members, Vicky and Joan Hackney, also attended. Brian Root also had tickets, however, he has not yet shared his experiences with us.

See you at Norris’ on the 28th!

Gabby Douglas, U.S.A. Gold Medal Winner in Gymnastics

Why does the news on Monday mornings make my head spin? Gabby, the cute 15 year old who won a gold medal in gymnastics, gave all glory to God for her win. Immediately the creepy liberals started to rake her over the coals for being so religious. You know, the libs are the only ones who are allowed freedom of speech! Their own brand of hate speech, at that. Now it seems that they are criticizing her for straightening her hair to look like all the white girls. I thought the idea was to keep your hair out of your face so it didn’t distract you while you were competing. Then I heard that NBC played a commercial for the Olympics which featured a monkey swinging on the high bars right after Bob Costas’ wrap-up. For which they immediately apologized for being so thoughtless. Don’t you have to be a racist to even notice that? I heard people say that the thought never even occurred to them that the commercial was offensive, BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T SEE THE COLOR OF HER SKIN! They saw only a talented teenager, who through her own endeavors, triumphed. The screeching liberals need to look in the mirror once in a while. How can they like what they see when they do?