High Speed Rail makes stop at 912 Tea Party Meeting

Rusty Roberts, spokesperson for All Aboard Florida, spoke at our last meeting on May 7th. A tough job for him as opposition to AAF grows almost daily with cities and counties along the route gearing up to fight this intrusion of 32 high speed trains rocketing through the Treasure Coast. St Lucie County the most recent to join the fight by pledging up to a half million dollars for legal fees.  Bringing the total for the Treasure Coast legal fund over $4 million.

Roberts gave a shortened version of his canned presentation. At times Roberts seemed to grasp at straws. Even to go as far as to almost promise a station for St Lucie County. Although many months ago AAF management said that the Treasure Coast was not on the planning board for any stations in the foreseeable future. That means there would be zero benefit to the residents of St. Lucie, Martin or Indian River counties. But there would be costs, maintaining the grade crossings, and quiet zones. Roberts said that AAF would foot part of the costs. Part is not all. The remaining costs must come from somewhere, and that would be the cities and counties along the route.

The most interesting tidbit of the evening was when Roberts volunteered that AAF signed a non-compete agreement with Tri-Rail. Continue reading