Vacation Daze – Washington, DC edition

POTUS Vacation The President flew into town last weekend to play a round of golf at the Floridian in Palm City. If you were around you probably heard the roar of the fighters overhead as they kept the skies clear and helped search for errant golf balls. I’m going to guess that Obama slices left, way left, very far left.

As usual whenever the conversation of President Obama and vacations come up you will hear two competing thoughts. Obama, it seems, is always on vacation; or George Bush took more vacation than Obama.  Continue reading

What is a Law ?

What is a Law?

– by Michael Loeb

What is a Law? And what happens when we fail to enforce them?

We need to understand what is meant by the term ‘law’.


Handcuffs - some in government need them

There are the scientific laws encompassing the way the universe interacts within itself. There is ‘Natural Law’ things that are determined by nature. Laws of Economics, Laws of Physics, The Ten Commandments, the laws given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai after the Jews left Egypt on their way to the Promised Land, many of which have become the basis for civil society. Thou shall not kill; thou shall not steal, etc. You know the rest. However, the laws I am talking are the rules which a civil society lives by and why an uncivilized society is considered lawless.  Continue reading

Look.. a Squirrel

Acorns are not enough for the Obama Squirrel

Keep your eye on the ball.  Don’t be distracted.

Masters of illusion use deception as their primary tool work their “magic”.  While you’re looking somewhere else, even for a second, the illusionist is able to pull a rabbit from his hat, a dove from his sleeve, or make his assistant disappear.  Add to this smoke and mirrors and you have magic.

Well, Obama is such an illusionist and he uses the mainstream media to create his deception.  To make you chase squirrels instead of paying attention to the man behind the curtain.

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Movie Review: 2016

At the last SLC 9/12 Tea Party meeting Barry read us excerpts from an article written by Scott Paulson.  Mr. Paulson expressed his views about the movie “2016 Obama’s America”, which many of us have seen, and if you haven’t yet seen it you really should.

You can read the entire article written by Mr. Paulson, 2016 Obama’s America review, posted on several CBSLocal websites including CBS Boston and CBS Chicago.   It’s well worth your time and you may want to pass along this link to your friends.

As noted at the end of the article, Scott Paulson writes political news and commentary for CBS Local and and teaches English at a community college in the Chicago area.

Stealing Candy from a Baby

What does it mean when you find yourself saying, “Now I’ve seen it all,” everyday?  It means that Barack Obama is still in the White House.

I thought I had seen everything from Obama and his sideshow Carney (the new Baghdad Bob) until I heard how Barack Obama wants you to send him your wedding gifts, your birthday gifts, your Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts.  Baby’s First Birthday?  Who needs all those outfits he or she will out grown anyway.  For our Hispanic voting block your daughter’s quinceanera is more meaningful if Obama rakes in all the dinero y regalos.  This man has chutzpah coming out of his over-sized ears. Continue reading

Can you find anything on this list that represents you?

Here’s Glenn’s point, America essentially hired Barack Obama to be the representative of our country, to stand up for us, and believes in America, but he has absolutely nothing in common with most Americans.

“My guess is you don’t know anybody who has any of these, let alone three. Five? Seven out of ten? All of these are firmly held beliefs by Barack Obama and those he has put directly around him, in his cabinet, in his advisers. And we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface,” Glenn said

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Because I Said So !!

Obama vs Constitution

I'm here, we don't need this old thing anymore.

President Obama took the opportunity today to show America just how great of a constitutional scholar he really is.  He claimed that the individual mandate, the main point of contention sitting before the Supreme Court is constitutional.  His reasoning?  The healthcare bill  was passed by Congress.

That was it in a nutshell.

Obama received a law degree from Harvard in 1991.  John Harvard must be spinning in the grave.  In 375 years that might be the dumbest thing ever to come out of the mouth of a Harvard graduate. Continue reading

Obama and Freedom of Religion and What is at Stake

Last week President Barack Obama made an error in injecting himself between a religious organization, their teachings and beliefs, and how they provide health benefits to their employees.  Making the Federal Government’s mandates more powerful than that of God’s.

Obama stepped back from that decision and split the baby (no pun intended) by forcing Continue reading