2017 Speaker Series – Richard Del Toro, Asst Chief, PSL PD

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Our February will feature Richard Del Toro, Asst. Chief with the Port St. Lucie Police Dept. Asst. Chief Del Toro will speak about area policing and what it takes to make Port St. Lucie

Assistant Chief Richard Del Toro

Assistant Chief Richard Del Toro

the 4th safest city in Florida among large cities. Del Toro has been part of the PSLPD for 16 years, he has served as a detective, prior SWAT commander, has worked narcotics and has been in charge of training, recruitment.  Come, listen and ask questions. It should be an interesting evening along with a wealth of information.




Meeting Location
Port St Lucie Community Center
2195 SE Airoso Blvd.    map
Port St Lucie, FL 34984
7:00 pm

Admission is Free – Seating is Limited.  Please RSVP

2017 Speaker Series – John Lofgren, author Atlas Shouts

912 TEA Party Speaker Series – John Lofgren author of Atlas Shouts

Thursday, January 5th, 2017 7:00 PM

——The St Lucie 9-12 TEA Party is proud to present John Lofgren, author of Atlas Shouts.

We had great victories in 2016, but those who created the swamp and like the swamp are still there. We must be ever vigilant in protecting our country and ensuring freedom.

Now that we know the press is widely manipulated from the Wikileaks, the first question on any honest person’s mind should be “What was the truth they were hiding from us?”
“Atlas Shouts” was written three years ago for the moment when everyone woke up to the fact the media was widely misleading everyone.  The author, John Lofgren provides a narrative of the decay of social decorum and economic policy and a road map for the way back.

Meeting Location
Port St Lucie Community Center
2195 SE Airoso Blvd.    map
Port St Lucie, FL 34984
7:00 pm

Admission is Free – Seating is Limited.  Please RSVP

High Speed Rail makes stop at 912 Tea Party Meeting

Rusty Roberts, spokesperson for All Aboard Florida, spoke at our last meeting on May 7th. A tough job for him as opposition to AAF grows almost daily with cities and counties along the route gearing up to fight this intrusion of 32 high speed trains rocketing through the Treasure Coast. St Lucie County the most recent to join the fight by pledging up to a half million dollars for legal fees.  Bringing the total for the Treasure Coast legal fund over $4 million.

Roberts gave a shortened version of his canned presentation. At times Roberts seemed to grasp at straws. Even to go as far as to almost promise a station for St Lucie County. Although many months ago AAF management said that the Treasure Coast was not on the planning board for any stations in the foreseeable future. That means there would be zero benefit to the residents of St. Lucie, Martin or Indian River counties. But there would be costs, maintaining the grade crossings, and quiet zones. Roberts said that AAF would foot part of the costs. Part is not all. The remaining costs must come from somewhere, and that would be the cities and counties along the route.

The most interesting tidbit of the evening was when Roberts volunteered that AAF signed a non-compete agreement with Tri-Rail. Continue reading

New Year, New Look, New Direction

912 Logo - Knowledge Liberty colored ver2

We’re well into 2015 and I’m excited to say that our organization has taken a new direction.

After the great success of 2014, defeating Seven50, we realized that our strength is on local issues.  We can’t hope to turn around Washington from St Lucie County, but we can can be a force locally.  We have something no other group has, we can write about things that no other webpage reports on, local issues.  County Commission, PSL City Council, St Lucie School Board, state legislative issues, et al.  Where are your tax dollars going? How are your local politicians performing? We’ve got the inside track, and we can make a difference.

More than just telling you what’s going on we’re going to look to shape and mold policy.  Be your voice in local government.  But we can only make a difference if we all get involved.  We need writers, speakers, reporters.

Make note of the new meeting place

PSL Community Center
2195 Southeast Airoso Boulevard
Port St. Lucie, FL 34984

Join Us…  Bring a Friend… Make a Difference

Time to Get BUSY!

We have a short window to influence the Legislature to STOP COMMON CORE. We all know that the DOE may change the name to throw us off track. Find out how you can help. The business meeting on Tuesday, the 28th, will be your opportunity to catch up on what we need to be doing. Brenda MacMenamin will present the “Convention of States”. Phyllis Frey will update us on AC4PR and “Four50”. Alisa Artigas will represent AFP. The Leadership Team is stoked and we want to share our enthusiasm with all of you!

Oct. 1st, 6 PM, County Commission Meeting

We have been inundating the County Commission meetings with speakers against the regional Seven50 Plan. So much so that a couple of residents have complained that we are taking up too much time. Of course, one of them waves a National Geographic magazine cover that literally screams that the oceans are rising!

PLEASE make every effort to attend these meetings! We need more and more people in the chamber who support us. November will be critical as the regular first Tuesday meeting will be followed by a special meeting on Seven50 on Thursday, November 7th.

SLC 912 Tea Party Business Meeting

SLC912TP Business Meeting
Tuesday August 27th, 2013 6:30 PM

Guest Speaker, John Hallman, will discuss “Lobbying and Communicating with Elected Officials”. Bring a friend.

Treasure Coast Builders Association, 5650 S. U.S.1 at Kitterman Road, north side of Norris’s Restaurant.

If you plan on eating at Norris’s before the meeting, plan on getting there at 4:30. It’s difficult to get seated and served in time to be at the meeting by 6:15.

Reminder: We are returning to The Genesis Community Church for our Speaker Forum Evenings on the second Thursday of the month beginning in October. We are planning the December Pot Luck Dinner, too.

SLC 912 Tea Party Business Meeting, July 23rd

Treasure Coast Builders Association, 6560 S. U.S. 1, at Kitterman Road, PSL, north side of Norris’ Restaurant.

This meeting will be devoted to a discussion of Common Core. Kathleen and Roland O’Brien will report on the FreedomWorks Grassroots Activist Training Session that they attended in Orlando on June 29th. Alison Rampersad and Mark Gotz will give us their perspectives on the implementation and ramifications of Common Core.

We are setting up a committee to work with Florida Parents Against Common Core. Laura Zorc, who lives in Vero Beach, is the Southeast Florida Co-ordinator for FPACC. Laura will be at the meeting to assist in setting up a SLC chapter.

It’s time to get letter writing campaigns going full steam ahead for both Common Core and AC4PR’s Seven/50.

Around two dozen of us have been attending the BOCC meetings. Many have spoken out during the public comment forum. It would be nice if we could have twice that many attending and speaking. Some new faces and new comments would show the Commissioners that we are very serious.

In other news, we will be returning to Genesis Community Church for our October 5th Speaker Forum meeting!

In August the Lamsons will host a “Movie Night” at the 19th Hole: great $5.00 burgers and “Atlas Shrugged Part I”. Mark Monday, August 12th, on your calendar. The time will be announced.

The September 5th meeting will be combined with the Martin 912 Tea Party with guest speaker, Trevor Loudon.

There’s so much work that needs to be done. Remember that less than 20% of Americans fought for Independence from England. The other 80% sat back and watched to see what would happen.


If you are a regular visitor to our site, you’ll notice that there were some posts that have now disappeared. Somewhere out in the clouds there are little bits of info floating around. The coming events page also lost a couple of months.

We’ll begin anew, and get back on track!