Vacation Daze – Washington, DC edition

POTUS Vacation The President flew into town last weekend to play a round of golf at the Floridian in Palm City. If you were around you probably heard the roar of the fighters overhead as they kept the skies clear and helped search for errant golf balls. I’m going to guess that Obama slices left, way left, very far left.

As usual whenever the conversation of President Obama and vacations come up you will hear two competing thoughts. Obama, it seems, is always on vacation; or George Bush took more vacation than Obama.  Continue reading

Net Neutrality – Nothing to be Neutral About

The Internet is the last frontier of free speech, Net Neutrality will be the end of that.

The Internet is the last frontier of free speech, Net Neutrality will be the end of that.

Something happened the other day that most people probably didn’t take much notice of.   The FCC declared the internet a utility.
Did you feel the earth just rumble? No. Neither did I, didn’t expect it to either. At least not yet, and trust me that is part of the plan.
Net Neutrality could be the most misunderstood subject to come up in recent years. It sounds like something you want, neutral; take no sides, no winners, no losers. Treat all equally. Sounds great.

According to the ACLU Net Neutrality will protect us from those evil corporate capitalists looking to make a profit on providing us the services we like. In order to protect us, claims the ACLU, we need government intervention. What? Yes, the ACLU, wants the government to get involved to protect citizens who voluntarily purchase a service.
The ACLU fears that telecommunication giants will scrutinize our data and communications. So, to protect us the ACLU wants the government to control the internet. This is the same government that has already admitted to collecting all our data and communications under the guise of keeping us safe.  Continue reading

Can Washington be Fixed?

Can Washington be fixed?

Can Washington be fixed?

As I sit here days after Election Day I’m reviewing the races and turn out and results. I think about things I’ve done and roles I’ve played. I think back on the campaigns and candidates I’ve worked for, doors I’ve knocked on, calls I’ve made, letters I’ve written, people I’ve spoken with. All on behalf of candidates I felt strongly about. All on behalf of what I believed to be best for our country, state, county, and city. Naturally when I lost I was disappointed but oddly enough sometimes when I won I wound up being disappointed as well. The times I’ve won and been disappointed have always been on the federal level. Continue reading

What is a Law ?

What is a Law?

– by Michael Loeb

What is a Law? And what happens when we fail to enforce them?

We need to understand what is meant by the term ‘law’.


Handcuffs - some in government need them

There are the scientific laws encompassing the way the universe interacts within itself. There is ‘Natural Law’ things that are determined by nature. Laws of Economics, Laws of Physics, The Ten Commandments, the laws given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai after the Jews left Egypt on their way to the Promised Land, many of which have become the basis for civil society. Thou shall not kill; thou shall not steal, etc. You know the rest. However, the laws I am talking are the rules which a civil society lives by and why an uncivilized society is considered lawless.  Continue reading