Preparedness is becoming more mainstream.  “Preppers” are everywhere.  St. Lucie County residents should be prepared for hurricanes, at the very least.  We personally went through hurricanes Jeanne and Frances and were without electricity for 2 weeks.   I have many family members in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and have heard about/seen the nightmare that followed Katrina.

It’s a personal decision as to “how prepared” one decides to get.

If you check the FEMA site or their Youtube videos, you’ll find plenty of common sense info.

On one of FEMA’s websites,, they list many possible scenarios that give legitimacy to being a “prepper”, at least, if not a “survivalist”.

They list broad categories-Terrorist Threat (Biological, Chemical, Explosion, Nuclear), Technological and Accidental Hazards (Blackout, Hazardous Materials Incident, Home Fire), Pandemic, and Natural Catastrophes (Flood, Tornado, Hurricane, Extreme Heat or Cold, Wildfire, Tsunami, etc.).

I would add civil unrest due to an economic collapse.

Not only are there many things that could go wrong, there are many areas that we have to consider when making long-term preparations (food, water, shelter, clothing, hygiene, medical/dental, communication, self-defense, fuel and financial, etc.).

There are some basic sites that I have used and recommended many times.

I like  … but it might be too intense for novices.

There are a ton of sites for ordering food.  Generally, I think they are overpriced.  Personally, I think folks should buy the things they know they and their kids will eat.

It makes good economic sense to purchase grains in bulk and then vacuum seal smaller bags, or use oxygen absorbers or dry ice or whatever.  Then rotate your stock and begin using what you’ve purchased as part of everyday life.  It is usually more nutritious, as well, to bake your own bread from wheat that you’ve ground or soup from your own dry lentils or whatever.  If you’re blessed with your own garden or aquaponics system, even better.

Speaking of growing your own food, be sure you only get non-GMO seeds.  Here is one company that we’ve ordered from:

After a lot of research, we got this water filter  There are others, of course.

One of my favorite sites for buying grain is ($5 shipping on orders over $75).

For stocking up on vitamins, I like  (free shipping on orders over $49).

For bulk herbs, I like (click on the herb to see what it’s used for…can’t tell you how many times plantain has been used as a drawing poultice around my house for the kids or horses).  Here’s a great little video showing how to use activated charcoal (another basic herb to have on hand, in case of food poisoning and such)  They don’t have powdered plantain powder, so I actually get that from

Another very important site to include would be this one.  It’s a Florida doctor and nurse (married) prepper team. For example, he suggests stocking up on fish antibiotics, if you are of the “stock up” mindset, since you can’t really stock up on human antibiotics.  He gives the drug names and recommended dosage.  I read a note, on their blog, from one woman who said they don’t have health insurance and have used fish antibiotics for 8 years.  Interesting.

They also have a radio program on Saturday evenings from 9:00-10:00.  The info. is on the site.

There’s a new show called Doomsday Preppers.  I don’t get that channel, but have watched a little of the first episode online. The full episodes are available by clicking on “video” at the top of their page:

This is a book (an AMAZING resource) that many of the 9-12ers bought a couple of years ago when I brought one into a meeting and folks saw it.  I just checked the site and they have a new edition that has two new chapters (one is called “The Real Shelf Life of medications”).  This book has 69 chapters and over 600 pages. Just reading through the table of contents helps you see how useful it could be.  They’re only about $27 each if we were to order 8 or more.

Preparedness Pro  A well-organized website with a wealth of Preparedness resources and information.  Definitely check this site out.