Kevin Lives Here

Apartment 1053

Yes.  This is where Kevin lives.  Apartment 1053.  I know this because Gertrude Walker, Saint Lucie County’s Supervisor of Elections says so.

I bet Kevin doesn’t sleep with a pillow.  A pillow probably doesn’t fit in the cozy apartment where Kevin “resides”.

And  .  .  .  Kevin votes!  Very civic minded, Kevin is.  Kevin even voted Absentee Ballot in our most recent November 6, 2012 General Election.  Probably didn’t fill out his two-part ballot in his apartment.  Hard to swing that pencil around, you know – with so little room in his apartment.

Perhaps Kevin filled out his ballot in his Apartment Complex:

Kevin's Apartment Complex

Yeah, lots more room in Kevin’s Apartment Complex.

Kevin is registered to vote.  According to Gertrude, Kevin J. Zimmerman resides at physical address:
378 SE Port St Lucie Blvd
Apt 1053
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34984


The only difficulty:
Florida law requires a voter to register at the physical address where they live. I can’t be sure . . . but I tend to believe Kevin does not “physically live” at Apartment 1053 in the Goin’ Postal mailbox rental facility.  What think you?

One thought on “Kevin Lives Here

  1. Great investigative journalism but Gertrude doesn’t answer to common sense or even the responsibility of her government position. It is called Affirmative Action. Now that we have the first Affirmative Action President, do you really think Gertrude cares how bad she handles her position? Even the Governor of Florida is afraid to touch her for fear of being called a “racist”.

    Gertrude will simply say that the address looks normal. It doesn’t matter if a part time hack of an investigator can find out the truth, she is not to held responsible. Besides, do you think the Affirmative Action Attorney General is going to do anything about it?

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