Appeasing the Left – Place the EPA in Charge of Immigration

Using Flint to Spark an Idea How much lead is a bad thing? According to the EPA, five parts per billion is “cause for concern.” Meaning that in a billion molecules of water, if 5 of them are lead you have a problem. In Flint, Michigan that number rose to a frightening 27 parts per …

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Because I Said So !!

Obama vs Constitution

I'm here, we don't need this old thing anymore.

President Obama took the opportunity today to show America just how great of a constitutional scholar he really is.  He claimed that the individual mandate, the main point of contention sitting before the Supreme Court is constitutional.  His reasoning?  The healthcare bill  was passed by Congress.

That was it in a nutshell.

Obama received a law degree from Harvard in 1991.  John Harvard must be spinning in the grave.  In 375 years that might be the dumbest thing ever to come out of the mouth of a Harvard graduate. Continue reading

Obama and Freedom of Religion and What is at Stake

Last week President Barack Obama made an error in injecting himself between a religious organization, their teachings and beliefs, and how they provide health benefits to their employees.  Making the Federal Government’s mandates more powerful than that of God’s.

Obama stepped back from that decision and split the baby (no pun intended) by forcing Continue reading