About Us

Boy Salutes Flags At Memorial Day Display In A Small Town
A young boy salutes the flags of a Memorial Day display along a small town street


We are committed to:

  1. Taking back our country.
  2. Reinstating the values and principles on which our nation was founded.
  3. Stopping the perversion of our Constitutional Rights and National Sovereignty by Progressives & Liberals.

We believe in the following:

  1. Limited government, lower taxes, less government spending and balanced budgets on all levels of government.
  2. Upholding the Constitution & Bill of Rights
  3. Upholding the Sovereignty of our Nation

Our Mission is to Organize, Educate and Motivate other like minded individuals. We are FOR AMERICA and NOT for any particular political party. We challenge and oppose the Liberals and Progressives in this country who wish to subvert our Constitutional Rights & Liberties and force their agendas upon unwilling citizens.

We invite like-minded Patriots to come join and take an active part in our organization by attending one of our local twice monthly gatherings.  If you are concerned about the direction of our nation and the future of our Republic, and are willing to take time out of your schedule to participate in group efforts, events & activities we encourage you to join us.

We meet together the first Thursday of each month. We currently gather at Port St Lucie Community Center.  Check our Current Events tab on the Menu Bar, for exact meeting times and locations.