If there is anything I have learned over the years, it is that when the Federal Government says, does, or creates something, the opposite is usually true.

Here are some prime examples:I Voted Voted Voted

You can chart the rise and expansion of the Department of Education against the fall of test scores, and the rise of number of high school drop outs as indicators of the quality and effectiveness of education found in public schools.

You can chart the rise and expansion of the Department of Energy against the fall of our energy production and expansion of our dependence on foreign oil, regardless of what our current President might say.

The Patriot Act is a direct attack on the Bill of Rights.

The Food Safety Act puts more power into the hands of agricultural giants that have been exploring and utilizing genetically altered food where the long term consequences are yet unknown while driving small family owned farms (locally grown and fresh food) out of business.

Then there is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act  (Obamacare) billed to save money now reported to be twice as costly as we were told, over a $Trillion dollar difference.

The list goes on and on.

As of late state after state has been promoting the idea of requiring voters to prove who they are at the polls by passing voter identification laws.  The idea is simple, it cuts down on voter fraud, which is a much bigger issue than the government would like you to believe.

Not surprisingly the Obama administration led by Eric Holder claims that requiring proof of identity somehow violates a person’s civil rights.  The memo has been distributed and that is the main talking point of the Democratic (Socialist) Party.  When asked to defend their position they cannot, so they play the race card.  As if African or Hispanic Americans have no form of identification solely because they are African American or Hispanic American.  It makes no sense to rational thinking people and it shouldn’t.  Mostly what does this say about Eric Holder and fellow Democrats who feel that African and Hispanic Americans are so inept that these individuals cannot figure out how to obtain proper identification?  If I were a member of these groups I’d be personally outraged at such a slight.

States requiring ID’s have gone out of their way to provide verifiable ID to all that ask.  You need ID to buy beer, cigarettes, drive a car, get on a plane.  Recently I received a postcard from the Florida Blood Bank, requesting that I give blood.  It told me of the time and location of where the “big red bus” was going to be, and told me to bring picture ID.  So to save a life, to give a pint of blood, I’m required to identify myself.  Where is the outcry that we’re not accepting enough African American and Hispanic American blood?  Where is the outcry that beer and cigarette sales are discriminatory against minorities?

As usual if you flip it and turn it around you WILL see the truth and the agenda contained within.

Voting by those who cannot or will not identify themselves is a civil rights violation against those who can.

Your vote should be considered as sacrosanct as your 1st Amendment Right.  It is your 1st Amendment Right.  It is the primary way to speak directly to the government, to choose who represents you, to choose who you feel will best protect your rights, which is the sole purpose of government.  At least that is the way our founders envisioned a proper government of the people to be.

A vote by someone who cannot identify himself or herself should be considered a counterfeit vote, and anything counterfeited always diminishes the value of the real article.

I for one do not want my vote diminished.  I hope you agree with me.  I’m not surprised that Eric Holder who is unelected to his position and serves at the pleasure of the President wants my vote diminished.  Not surprised because the President wants my vote diminished.  The only way he can win re-election, by stuffing the ballot boxes with counterfeit votes.  ACORN is still alive and well, and wants to remain that way.  A re-election of Barack Obama means $Millions more for ACORN, in its 100’s of forms in all its glory, and community organizers to build the socialist dream country.  An Obama victory will very likely mean the loss of free and true elections for generations to come if not forever.  The next president will likely appoint 2 or 3 Supreme Court justices.  Giving that power to Obama means that we will lose our Constitution, our Freedom, our Country.

More importantly, this is not an issue for the Federal Government.  It is a State issue as they are state elections.  Even the election for the POTUS is a State issue because you are electing electors, not the President.

Those that oppose voter identification laws point to the Voting Rights Act as well as the 15th Amendment.  Let it be known that the VRA and the 15th Amendment only apply to citizens of the United States.  If you cannot prove who you are by some form of reliable identification how can you prove you are a citizen in the first place?

So call your representatives and demand that your state adopt voter identification laws requiring everyone that votes show proper identification.