Agenda 21 Sources

AGENDA 21 Information – All you need to know – and then some.

You only need a few great resources for Agenda 21- and they are here below to help save you time and get you started on your enlightenment goals for 2012.

Dr. MIchael Coffman was one of our featured speakers at our February 12, 2012 Property Rights – Agenda 21 Conference, sponsored by SLC 9/12 and neighboring 9/12 and Tea Party groups.  Dr. Coffman is the author of Rescuing a Broken AmericaChapter 7 aims directly at Agenda 21’s attack on property rights.  Dr. Coffman has written and spoken extensively on issues related to Agenda 21.  You can find additional information at his websites:


Agenda 21 – vision for the 21st century

Tom Deweese’s American Policy Center (several good concise articles to explain what’s going on) also be sure to read the article about NGO’s)

United Nations (why not go to the source, for Agenda21 – and it’s so nicely presented in a very concise 40 Chapters.  So much info here and so many links will hurt your brain, What else would you expect from your new world government.)  And if that’s not enough, the UN operates an entire Division of Sustainable Development to handle Agenda 21.  Now,  .  .  .  tell me again, just how many of my tax dollars have gone to support this?  .  .  .  since 1992?
and for your additional viewing pleasure, a history of how Agenda 21 came into being.

United Nations Environment Program.  As I said before, the UN site is fun and interactive and will keep you entertained and comfortably numb for hours. just make sure you have a plan to exit- maybe someone to pull you out and deprogram you. Enjoy

ICLEI  This is how they implement the plan, locally….and why you see no reference to the grand plan called Agenda 21 – they are using this stealth way to circumvent the US Constitution. That and using indoctrination tactics and large non government organizations NGO’s. So when you see ICLEI  .  .  .  that is Agenda 21. But you may not even see that so just look for “sustainability”, “sustainable development”,  and environment Green type of things.  This site is scary because this is where central planners lay out the roadmap of UN’s Agenda 21 here in the US: what central planners expect America will look like in the year 2050, if the progressives have their way.


Climate Change / Global Warming

John L. Casey was one of our featured speakers at our February 12, 2012 Property Rights – Agenda 21 Conference, sponsored by SLC 9/12 and neighboring 9/12 and Tea Party groups. John Casey is the author of Cold Sun.
“A historic reduction in the energy output of the Sun has begun.  The most likely outcome from this ‘solar hibernation’ will be widespread global loss of life and social, economic, and political disruption.  You must begin to prepare for this life-altering event now!”
Mr. Casey is President of Space Science and Research Corporation, where you can find additional information about his RC Theory.