I would like to post uplifting, positive videos which support our beliefs, principles and values, as well as those that the mainstream media and others do not want you to see. If you have any suggestions, email me at


Obama – The One Video  Many videos here, not the least disturbing of which is one of Obama speaking to an audience, the location of which is not identified, declaring that he was not born in Hawaii or the United States, and that his home country is Kenya.

http://newsbusters.or… Typical of MSNBC. Lawrence O’Donnell “interviewing” Condi Rice, who chastises him several times for not letting his guests finish their sentences. If you can’t watch the video, the transcript is there.… Ted Nugent’s top pick is Allen West, but his message is much more than that!… “We the People” video. The challenge is to copy/paste this video to http://www.whitehouse… and send it to the White House EVERY DAY. There are some on Freedom Connectors who are starting to do this. Want to join in?… “Government Gone Wild”: Must see video about our government debt. A real eye-opener for future generations!