Last week President Barack Obama made an error in injecting himself between a religious organization, their teachings and beliefs, and how they provide health benefits to their employees.  Making the Federal Government’s mandates more powerful than that of God’s.

Obama stepped back from that decision and split the baby (no pun intended) by forcing insurance companies, and not the Catholic Church, to provide goods and services to certain individuals for free.

Now, since Obama has never released his college transcripts there is no way of knowing what courses he took.  I’m guessing here, but I doubt he ever took classes in economics, business, logic, accounting or anything else that required critical thinking.

This isn’t an issue of birth control and abortion.  Well it is, but it goes far beyond that.  It goes to the heart of what Obama is and what liberal progressives have been doing for generations.  Selling slavery one freebie at a time.  With each entitlement, with each program doling out billions of dollars, we lose a bit of liberty and freedom.  It made headlines this past week because the freedom being lost was freedom of religion.  The reason the Puritans came to these shores 400 years ago.  —  The irony that the Puritans founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony the same place that Romneycare was invented which laid way to Obamacare isn’t lost on me.

Mr. President, there is nothing that is free.  Someone, somewhere will pay for what someone else, somewhere else is receiving for free.  That is all there is to it, end of story.

We have a real issue in this country with the meaning of words and phrases.  Access to healthcare now means free healthcare.  Affordable healthcare now means free healthcare.

Allow me to run down the difference.  If you walk into your local grocery store, you have access to all kinds of food and goods that you can choose to purchase or not purchase.  The items in your local grocery store are not free, they are accessible, but they are not free.  They may be affordable, but they are not free.

When are they free?  When you walk in armed and take the goods by force.  It’s called stealing and if I’m not mistaken on the list of things “thou shall not” do in the Ten Commandments that were handed down by God.  The Ten Commandments which happen to be the basis for all civil society within the Judeo-Christian world.  The same Ten Commandments that our government has such a fit over when displayed in public.  The same Ten Commandments that throw the ACLU into a tizzy when shown on courthouse steps, serving as a guide on how not to wind up in court.

Don’t worry, there will be no theft going on here.  The insurance companies won’t allow it, they’ll just raise everyone’s premiums to cover the cost of what someone else is getting at no charge.  You see, it isn’t free, the receiver just isn’t the party paying for it.

Here is another lesson, when the receiver of a good or service isn’t the payer for that good or service, those goods and services are over bought and over used.  Artificially driving up demand and in turn prices.

President Obama went on to claim that giving away free birth control actually saves insurance companies money.  (Please refer to paragraph 3 and the courses that I believe Obama didn’t take in college.)  Insurance companies employ some of the best actuaries and accountants around.  If giving away free birth control saved money I guaranty you that the insurance companies would have figured it out long ago.

Yet giving away things for free while saving money is a mantra of the progressive left and the Obama administration.  We heard it during the run up to Obamacare being passed by hook and crook.  It reduces costs, expands coverage, and saves money all while not impacting the quality of service.  (Why do I think that all of Obama’s minions missed the same classes?)

I’m going to give President Obama some slack here because I know what savings he was talking about.  There are studies to show that birth control pills cut ovarian cancer risks.  I’m sure that is what Obama was talking about.  According to the National Cancer Institute there will be an estimated 22, 280 new cases of ovarian cancer in America in 2012.  It is a horrible disease, mainly because it is usually discovered in late stages.

What the President failed to read though was the report that showed that women who used birth control pills had an elevated risk of breast cancer.  The risk being highest for women who start taking birth control pills as teenagers.  According to the National Cancer Institute there will be an estimated 226, 870 new cases of breast cancer in 2012.

Now since President Obama is so bad with numbers (have you seen his budget?), I’ll boil it down for him.  As a woman, you are 10 times more likely to get breast cancer than ovarian cancer.  Yet he believes that lessening the risk of the smaller event is a great idea even if it increases the risk of the more likely event.

But Obama isn’t the only one to be beating this drum.  Every woman’s reproductive health group is demanding that these things not only be accessible but be free to all that ask.  To them their agenda trumps the health of your mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters.  They are just collateral damage in the liberal progressive war against the unborn.

When you can supplant religion and belief in God with reliance on the State you’ve given away your freedom, lost your liberty and the future of your children.  For when the State is the sole arbiter of morality, it becomes easy to look the other way when they kill in the womb, in the homes for the aged and infirm, in the ghettos housing Jews.  It becomes increasingly easy to vilify the wealthy, kill the farmer for his land, and strip shareholders and bond holders of their legal right to property, all in the name of the State and for the common good of man as defined by the State.

For Obama to take such a stance against the Catholic Church ten months prior to the election just underscores his complete disdain for the fundamentals that this nation was founded upon, disdain for the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  It sheds a bit of light as to what a second term under Obama would be like when he no longer has to be concerned with re-election.  When he can stack the Supreme Court with more justices who will refuse to protect the 2nd Amendment.  When he can shred the Constitution on a daily basis, appoint more Czars who operate with impunity and without oversight.  Can we survive four more years of bowing to kings and diminishing America’s standing on a world stage full of countries who hate us because we view ourselves as free, as having laws that restrict the government and give liberty and freedom to the citizens and not the other way around.

Do we dare give him four more years to “fundamentally transform America”?