Gotz, Overdorf, and Keiser get nod.

The St Lucie TEA Party has decided to limit its endorsements this year in the primary. However, there are three candidates that we believe have earned our endorsement. If the race is not covered do not take it as proof that there are no worthy candidates. There are.  Some races were not brought up for consideration because as a group we like to stick to local races where we can make a significant difference. In some races there was a significant divide so we passed on them expecting individual members to do their own research and follow their heart and mind.  

Florida State House 84 – 

Mark Gotz

Making this decision was easy. Mark is one of us.  His leadership, direction, and support have been invaluable to this body. His dedication to the Constitution, limited government, and government accountability is second to none. Many people are education advocates; Mark Gotz is an education activist. We hold no reservations on this endorsement.

The St Lucie County TEA Party endorses Mark Gotz

Florida State House 83 –

Toby Overdorf was a leader in the fight against Amendment 4.  For those of you who do not remember, this FL Constitutional Amendment was on the ballot many years ago and sold as a wonderful way to protect the environment and to keep Florida beautiful. In reality, it would have devastated the economy, chased new and expanding businesses out of Florida, increased unemployment, reduced the available tax base. No one worked harder to defeat A4 than Toby.

Toby Overdorf

We believe Toby to the true conservative in this race. Someone that we expect to protect our rights including the 2A. As a marine biologist, who better to understand the issues we have with our water. Toby’s Master’s thesis was on the restoration of the Kissimmee River.

Dadan who consistently finds herself out of her depth went as far to say at a forum that “we do not scientists to tell us what’s wrong with our river.”  Soon after that the forum was closed down due to exceedingly tougher questions from the audience.

At the next forum where Dadan had previously confirmed that she would attend she was a no-show.  She claimed she couldn’t come because she was hob-knobbing with Ron DeSantis. Meaning that advancing her political career is more important than facing her prospective constituents. Overdorf spent 90 minutes answering questions, from teacher pay to the environment, to his stance on the Second Amendment.

It is fairly obvious that a room full of educated and informed voters is not Sasha’s preferred venue. Instead, Dadan prefers lobbing lies and false attacks from behind a wall of well-funded PACs. Not having any experience to offer voters she has abandoned them in favor of selling her vote to the highest bidder. How else can you explain spending well over $100,000 for a job that pays $29,000 a year? If she wins a seat in the FL House this will be a gift that will most likely be repaid over and over again.

NRA Endorsement – We suggest that everyone set aside the NRA endorsement that Toby’s opponent received. As a member of the NRA I am dismayed that they could be fooled so easily.  A group called FLGR – FL Gun Rights supposedly sent questionnaires out to candidates. Toby says that neither he nor his campaign received such questionnaire. Candidates receive dozens of questionnaires the moment they make public their decision to run. We have no reason to believe that Toby has lied about not receiving it. The NRA, we believe just tagged along on this one.

More importantly, no endorsement should be given to any candidate that has not written one sentence of legislation, nor taken a single vote, concerning gun rights and gun legislation. Answering a few questions, knowing where those questions come from and how they should be answered to garner you favor is no great feat. From the story about Dadan’s campaigning practices of being fast and loose with the truth I have no faith in any question that she may answer as giving insight to how she truly feels. We feel that the NRA failed to do their homework this time.

Dadan did not feel it was necessary to come and speak to the SLC TEA Party. To say that she didn’t know where we met or when doesn’t hold water as all she had to do was ask her husband, Anthony Bonna, who is running for county commission and who spoke in front of the TEA Party and has attended in the past. I guess it wasn’t necessary to come and face questions when you were going to tell people you’re getting our endorsement anyway. We find such a character flaw exceedingly troublesome, especially coming from an attorney and someone seeking public office. We see how her campaign has operated and feel confident that we’re making the correct choice.

The St Lucie County TEA Party endorses Toby Overdorf

Florida Senate District 25

Gayle Harrell has been a fixture in Treasure Coast politics for many years. In all that time I cannot remember if she ever reached out to the TEA Party or asked to speak in front of the TEA Party.

This year we have made education, specifically local education and our county school board a special project. Led by Dr. Brenda McMenamin and her Convention of States and Education group, they have made great strides in getting into our local schools and teaching the Constitution as mandated by FL law.

We had a school board election forum and had Keith Flaugh come in to speak. It was eye opening and all the more reason why it is necessary to get our school board candidates elected.

At a recent Republican Party meet and greet with over 25 candidates in attendance the chair of the St Lucie County Republican Campaign Committee asked that each candidate have a small stack of cards promoting our school board candidates at their table. Every candidate happily said ‘yes,’ but for one. Gayle Harrell. We find that troubling.

Belinda Keiser

The opponent for the Senate Seat is Belinda Keiser. A familiar name as she is Vice-Chancellor of Keiser University.  The University quickly becomes an asset to any community lucky enough to have one.  They graduate career-ready individuals ready to contribute to and take their place in society. The University has won awards for their commitment to providing education to veterans and military personnel.

Dog Whistles for the Never Trumpers

Much of Harrell’s advertising, also coming from PACs have attacked Keiser for once being a registered as a Democrat. The same can be said for President Trump. The ads have attacked Keiser for donating to Democrats. The same can be said for President Trump.

When you’re in business and need to develop land you need to grease the wheels. It’s the ugly truth. What they do not tell you that the money donated to Democrats is a pittance compared to the money donated to Republicans. Keiser was selected to go the Republican National Convention as a delegate to represent Florida and trusted to deliver Florida’s vote for then-candidate Trump. Harrell was not there.

The successes of Donald Trump, a true outsider, gives us a clear indication that we need to give successful business people the chance to serve in a public capacity. The bottom line is always important to them, return on investment is always important to them, get it done attitudes are a refreshing change from the normal gridlock and glacial speed of government.  The FL House, Senate and Governor’s Mansion were in Republican hands for many years, we do not have enough to show for it.  While we’re not ready to hand over control of anything to the Party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we believe it is time for a change.

The St Lucie County TEA Party endorses Belinda Keiser