Fresh Look – Same Determination

New Logo

Never Prouder to be Among You

Last month we had a meeting where we discussed changing the name of the St Lucie 9-12 TEA Party to something akin to the Treasure Coast Conservative Citizens Alliance. It had been something talked about at leadership meetings and we decided to bring it to the floor for comments and debate.

I was happy to see such a large turn-out for our meeting and one by one we heard how proud each member was to be part of this TEA Party. How it would be wrong after over a decade to change the name to something else.  How it would be akin to succumbing to the fake news media and the perception of the TEA Party they wanted everyone to believe. 

After much debate and discussion, we voted to remove the 9-12 portion of the name. 

I welcome you to the new St Lucie County TEA Party.

Never have I been prouder to be surrounded by such fine Americans; fine, intelligent and true.

Patriots all.