What does it mean when you find yourself saying, “Now I’ve seen it all,” everyday?  It means that Barack Obama is still in the White House.

I thought I had seen everything from Obama and his sideshow Carney (the new Baghdad Bob) until I heard how Barack Obama wants you to send him your wedding gifts, your birthday gifts, your Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts.  Baby’s First Birthday?  Who needs all those outfits he or she will out grown anyway.  For our Hispanic voting block your daughter’s quinceanera is more meaningful if Obama rakes in all the dinero y regalos.  This man has chutzpah coming out of his over-sized ears.

Welcome to the Obama Gift Registry.

Yes, I kid you not.  If you’re about to tie the knot don’t bother registering with Lord & Taylor; Macy’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Tell the greater at Wal-Mart good-bye and tell Target that they missed the mark.  You see, you don’t want china and linens, crystal and cookware, or even seed money for a down payment.  No, you want all your guests to pass along their gift to you directly to the grifter in chief.

I wish it were April 1st and we could all have a great laugh.  It’s true, here is the website.   Like good liberals they tell you that the gift will go a lot further than a gravy boat.

Translated, your money is better in my pocket than in yours.

Check the registry and see if any Hollywood elites have decided to register.  You know how they love to throw parties for themselves.  Is Kim Kardashian getting married this week?  She hasn’t been married for a few months, she’s due.

Seriously folks, this guy is grasping at straws and it is long past time for him to go.