I originally wrote this on July 1, 2009.  I feel that it is as true today as it was back then and feel the need post it again.

There are always those that question the wisdom of groups such as these as supporting a candidate. They’ll tell you to put the information out there and let the individuals make their own informed decisions. They side against supporting anyone that is not the “perfect candidate”. So I ask, Who is the Perfect Candidate?

When you make complex decisions or decisions on complex issues most people use a matrix. They might not even know what a matrix is and if not for Keanu Reeves it is possible that they might never have heard the word “matrix” before. They probably do it in their mind as apposed to putting it down on paper. Some people call it “weighing all the options”.

Simply put. It is a table with values on it.

When selecting a candidate to vote for everyone places the candidate and what they’ve said, what they’ve promised, what they’re for, what they’re against, and what they’ve done in the past on their own matrix.

Why can’t we have a standard matrix? Why must everyone have their own? Simple, everyone puts different importance and values on the issues as it relates in importance to them.

Glenn Beck’s 9-12 Movement. The very movement that brought us and 100,000’s of others like us together started with a list of issues Glenn called Principals. Glenn went on to say that you didn’t even have to believe in ALL 9. Six or Seven was good enough for him. In numbers that’s 66-77%. That’s all you had to believe in. Which 6 or 7 didn’t matter. It didn’t matter which one you felt was more important than the other. It was a matrix of values, you decide for yourself what went where and where you fell.

What makes a perfect candidate? Ask 10 people, get 10 answers. The only perfect candidate for you is the one you see in the mirror. He or she is the one that will score perfect 100% on your matrix

THERE IS NO PERFECT CANDIDATE, as there is no perfect man, we all fail in our desire to be as perfect as we can. Man is imperfect, man is fallible .

So the better question is – Which candidate best represents what we believe in? or Which is the best choice of candidate to promote our beliefs? Ask 10 people you might get 5 and 5 in a two person election. Ask 10 people in our group, which is made up of people who believe in at least 66% of those 9 Principals and you’ll find that most of those people will fall one way. To the candidate that BEST represents what we believe in.

We can either choose to sit on the sidelines, cheer for each other in a parade, or take the legal action afforded to us by the Constitution and start making change. We as a group need to support and elect the BEST choice of candidates, not wait around for the Perfect Candidate who doesn’t exist.