Apology is respectfully requested.

It is campaign season as if I need to tell anyone here.  Phone calls, mailers, ads, meet and greets, even the occasional knock on the door from some candidate.

Fake News Award Winner. 
Sasha Dadan-Bonna

One such candidate was out knocking on doors the other day and knocked on one door in particular. When the owner of that door opened the door Sasha Dadan, Anthony Bonna’s wife who is running for Fl State House District 83 against Toby Overdorf, was on the doorstep. Dadan was very excited to tell the person answering the door that she was about to be endorsed by the TEA Party, she just wasn’t sure when. The person at the door smiled nicely, nodded, refused to take any material and politely sent Dadan on her way.

Maybe it was the American flag waving proudly;  maybe it was the signs from conservative candidates that adorned the lawn that made Dadan freely provide the information about the TEA Party endorsement.

Unfortunately for Sasha, this door belonged to one of our leadership team.

We take this most seriously as any organization would and should. When we endorse or recommend candidates, it is for a good reason. We have spent hours in front of polling places handing out endorsement cards over the years, and it has made a difference. Candidates seek us out; we do not seek them.

Dadan was careful not to say she WAS endorsed and she did not say St Lucie County TEA Party, just TEA Party. Maybe she was talking about the tea party she was going to have with a 5-year-old niece with dolls, and stuffed animals, and make-believe tea and crumpets.

We don’t play semantics here.  We are the only TEA Party in St Lucie County, we are one of the longest continuous meeting TEA Parties in the state. I contacted our sister group down in Martin County who said that they were not endorsing Dadan.

On behalf of the leadership team, I am happy to announce that we will provide Sasha Bonna Dadan with two dates upon which to receive her endorsement. 

1 – Never.

2 – When hell freezes over.

We guess asking for an apology would be in order here. We’re not holding our breath expecting to receive one.